Social Media Case Study – Absolut Unique Access (Whatsapp)

Absolut UniqueHere comes the first social media campaign on WhatsApp, a major mobile messaging platform (OTT) to communicate the exclusive Absolut Unique launch party in Argentina.

Recent studies have indicated that users are substituting their time spent on Facebook with mobile messaging services like Whatsapp. Absolut Vodka’s South American advertising agency built a campaign to celebrate the launch of their Limited Edition Absolut Unique collection.  The idea behind the Unique line, was to produce 4 million Absolut Vodka bottles that were each uniquely designed.

For the Argentinean launch they decided to host a very exclusive party. The party was so exclusive that there were only 2 invites that were available to the general public. The goal of this campaign was to build awareness and establish a closer line of communication with the brand. However for a brand that historically doesn’t “speak”, they created a fake bouncer namedSven on Facebook (the account was run by their community manager). Anyone wanting to win these tickets had to attempt to convince him using Whatsapp…but he wasn’t an easy sell.

With over 600 contacts and over 1000 unique images, videos, and audio messages created to convince Sven, this marketing campaign effectively engaged and built buzz in the community.

Check out the case study video of the campaign:


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