Social Media Case Study – Reintroducing Levis 501

Thismoment_LevisMetrics_2013_1121-e1386032470409Considering the growing popularity of social messaging apps (OTT), it has become imperative for marketers to understand and react quickly to shifts in consumers’ online habits specially when seeking to reach the youth audience. The recent example being the Levi’s #501 campaign that was launched earlier this year to re-introduce the 140-year old 501 Jean brand to the youth audience.

In partnership with their agency Wunderman and leveraging Thismoment’s technology, Levi’s successfully created a beautiful, interactive experience that showcased users’ interpretation of the 501 jean by asking them to create and share photos via Instagram and Twitter. A simple user-generated content (UGC) campaign leveraging on the legacy of Levis 501, it enabled brand loyalists all over the world to submit photographic interpretations of them in their 501® Jeans. This innovative campaign engaged users in record numbers via Instagram and Twitter through the creative use of the hashtag #501. The campaign helped drive awareness for the #501 campaign and ultimately re-connect youth to the storied brand with massive social engagement. To download the case study, please click here.

Click on the link below to watch the #501 campaign video.


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