Mobile Apps Trend: Flag, A Kickstarter Project promotes advertisers to offer free photo printing services

The concept of creating advertising marketplace on your website and offer free services e.g. Google, Facebook or any other top portals, are the thing of the Internet Marketing 1.0. In this new era of mobile apps, companies are creating (I term them as) utility mobile apps to offer free services to their users. And as their predecessors did, manage the operating costs by giving space for advertising.

One such interesting rendition is Flag Kickstarter Project. A new app called Flag, currently seeking Kickstarter funding, wants to do just that. Every month, users (in the US only to start) will be able to have a pack of 20 prints sent to them for free.

Of course, nothing is ever for free, not really; somehow, the paper, the printing, the shipping, all need to be paid for. Flag’s proposed funding model is twofold. Firstly, every print will have an advertisement printed on the reverse side, which is usually left blank or with the brand of the photo paper patterned on.

Flag Intro Video

This seems like an ingenious solution: when a photo is on display, the back can’t be seen, so your prints will be perfectly usable. Prints will be sent in the shape of the digital file you capture, too, so you are guaranteed to get the full image.


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