Digital Trend – Internet of Sharing Things

The rise of the sharing economy over the past few years has shifted mindsets and traditional business models. Consumers are much more open to renting items and services from individuals instead of established businesses and organizations. This is shaking up engrained business models and allowing for new possibilities in the global marketplace.

Last year, urged innovators to put basic human needs at the centre of their connected object initiatives. And there have been some exciting INTERNET OF CARING THINGS innovations, such as Chinese tech giant Baidu’s set of smart chopsticks, which can detect the freshness of cooking oil. Now, where next for the Internet of Things?

In 2015, the Internet of Things and the social sharing behavior of people is anticipated to collide and allow a whole new world of asset sharing: spontaneous, useful, fun, profitable and more.


Internet of Sharing Things

As more objects become connected, new ways of deriving value from them will become possible for consumers, shared access being one.  According to, the Collaborative/‘Mesh’ economy has long been predicted, but the coming months will see it start to become a consumer reality via the INTERNET OF SHARING THINGS.

One signal: currently only 4% of consumers own an in-home IoT device, but nearly two-thirds plan to buy one in the next five years (Source: Acquity Group / Accenture, August 2014).

Here is an interesting story on the featured innovations on ‘Internet of Sharing Things’

Umbrella Here, BitLock and Breather – An Audi Unite initiative

Shipping in January 2015, Hong Kong-based group Umbrella Here’s USD 28 donut-shaped Bluetooth device fixes onto the top of umbrellas. When it rains, owners can use the companion app to signal (via colored LEDs) to nearby strangers they are willing to share their umbrella.

Reaching its Kickstarter funding target during November 2013, the BitLock smart bike lock verifies a user’s identity via Bluetooth when they are nearby; users simply press a button to unlock the bicycle. The BitLock app also enables users to unlock their bicycle remotely and/or share it with others using the app.

Launched in Q4 2013, and now available in four cities – New York, San Francisco, Montreal, and Ottawa, Breather allows people to find unused urban spaces to rent for as little as 30 minutes, to recharge or work in. After booking, users are granted temporary access to unlock the property via the NFC keyless entry system.

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