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Digital Case Study – KFC WOW@25 Augmented Reality Campaign

Objectives: To promote the newly launched KFC WOW Menu and emphasize its price point. Campaign: KFC India WOW@25 Digital Campaign answered an oft-asked question: What KFC treats can you get with the money… Continue reading

Top 10 Mobile based Marketing Campaigns of 2013

Mobile advertising made substantial progresses in 2013 with new ad formats being introduced and mobile’s role emerging as an important part of a multichannel strategy. While researching, I came across several interesting campaigns that… Continue reading

Social Media Case Study – Converse, The Sampler App

An interesting use of the augmented reality that Converse launched in 2010. The Converse app allows you to “try on” their shoes and order them from the app or show the picture to… Continue reading

How Augmented Reality can be used in Retail & Experiential Marketing

Global advertising and marketing industry is gung-ho about the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality applications, which use location and imaging functions on advanced handsets to provide mobile services will get more… Continue reading