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Coca Cola Liquid Linked Campaign for Olympics 2016

Coca-Cola’s campaign for this year’s Olympics has both these qualities, hitting on emotional, inspirational, and aspirational sweet spots for consumers. The campaign uses footage of more than 70 athletes from all over the world, across… Continue reading

How Customer Retention is Eclipsing Acquisition in the World of Mobile Marketing

Some people approach marketing like a popularity contest: the more people who subscribe to your company’s SMS coupon list or like your Facebook page the better. The problem with that is a simple… Continue reading

Digital Case Study – KFC WOW@25 Augmented Reality Campaign

Objectives: To promote the newly launched KFC WOW Menu and emphasize its price point. Campaign: KFC India WOW@25 Digital Campaign answered an oft-asked question: What KFC treats can you get with the money… Continue reading

Mobile Messaging Apps to become Integrated Social Media Platforms

In 2014, social messaging players will be challenging the status quo of mobile social networking and media – creating a paradigm shift in social media interaction that will impact several OTT giants. Global mobile… Continue reading