Anonymity is the new wave in Social Media #whisper

New social apps like Whisper and Secret are riding on the innate desire of an individual to express his/her feelings without the fear of being identified. And this holds true with each of… Continue reading

Top 12 Online Trends Emerging in 2014

2014, till May has seen some interesting shifts in digital and social media marketing industry. Be it native advertising or brands acting as producers – going beyond the publisher mentality and setting up… Continue reading

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Market Forecast

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or… Continue reading

Mobile Ad Spending to Increase by 75 Percent in 2014

Mobile ad revenue will rise to $31.5 billion this year. According to eMarketer, “worldwide spending on mobile advertising will reach $31.45 billion this year, a 75 percent increase from 2013. Mobile advertising will… Continue reading

HCL Relationship Beyond the Contract in partnership with LinkedIn

HCL has launched a digital campaign called ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’ in partnership with LinkedIn, and is promoting the app with a digital video. Concept: Every relationship – be it between family members, friends,… Continue reading

Top 5 Recommended Marketing Strategies for 2014

In the last 2 years, we have seen the emergence of new technologies, innovation across various management (operational) functions as well as new out of the box entrepreneurship thought approaches.  This year will… Continue reading

10 Top Brands Driving Engagement on Facebook

Simplymeasured did a Facebook Study, which measured performance of the Interbrand 100 from May 1st to June 30th, 2013, found that the top ten most engaging brands earned high engagement by creatively positioning their… Continue reading

Mobile Apps Trend: Flag, A Kickstarter Project promotes advertisers to offer free photo printing services

The concept of creating advertising marketplace on your website and offer free services e.g. Google, Facebook or any other top portals, are the thing of the Internet Marketing 1.0. In this new era of… Continue reading

How to derive measurable ROI from Social Media?

A decade after the advent of social media, there is a lot of ambiguity on the actual effectiveness or rather in quantitative terms the ROI from social media spends. We come across several… Continue reading

eCommerce Case Study – E-Mart’s Flying Store

South Korean discount chain E-Mart deployed a fleet of ‘flying stores’ around Seoul as part of a retail promo aimed at the city’s time-pressed workers. Addressing the fact that South Koreans work the… Continue reading